Raw Data from Our Journey

I know that we have a lot of people checking out Kidding Around Europe hoping to track us and see what is going on with our trip.  The reality is that while we are out on the road we simply do not have the time and resources to keep KAE updated with all of the latest stuff.  Likely once the kids are older, this will not be so much of a problem.  With them being so young, we lose our entire evenings dealing with child logistics and there is little time left to write.  What time there is is spent struggling with Internet access problems, desperately trying to get pictures and videos uploaded and trying to write my own blog which has the raw details of our trip that we need to record so that we are able to write KAE properly.  It is exhausting.  I am actually writing around three thousand words per day on our trip while we are on the road but sadly that is not making it here to KAE.  At this point we will be writing most of the updates here remotely once we have returned.

In the mean time there is a ton of stuff for people to read and watch if you are really interested in keeping up with us.  We have three main external resources of “unfiltered” content that we will be using to assemble KAE so if you want, you are welcome to check them out.

My primary blog is Sheep Guarding Llama and I am diligently keeping it updated.  Tons of reading and long winded, but lots of details and stuff and gives you a lot of insight into us.

Our photos are all uploaded to Flickr as we go so check out the Sheep Guarding Llama Flickr Europe 2012 Photostream.

Our videos, all 1080p, get posted as clips, unedited, to YouTube.  These are not very popular, as you can imagine, and range in style from quick grabs of a cool fountain or a pan of a great vista to the kids on a playground.  Some neat stuff if you dig through.  Scott Alan Miller on YouTube.

Keep checking back, we will be adding to KAE regularly.  But if you are bored, check out our other feeds to see what we are up to!

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