KAE Podcast 8 – In our eight podcast and segment in the Grand Tour of Europe, The Miller Family goes to Colmar in France’s Alsace Region where they ride a canal boat, visit a world class museum and wander the historic old town before grabbing an amazing lunch with the locals in the market.


KAE Podcast 6 – The Miller family continues on with their Grand Tour of Europe and this time is in Bopard, Germany in the Middle Rhine Region.  From ice cream to Roman ruins to cruising the Rhine River, one of the highlights of the tour in this quiet corner of the region.

Antwerp and the Trip to Germany

KAE Podcast 5 – In this podcast, Scott and Dominica cover two travel days.  First a day in Antwerp in northern Belgium.  The second day – the most horrendous day of all, the awful trip from Bruges to Bopard with missed trains, poor planning, phone problems, getting lost, getting trapped in the rain, and more… all while traveling between countries with two small children.


KAE Podcast Episode 4 – The Miller Family takes the Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel and on to their first day in Belgium where they head to Bruges, the historic, preserved medieval city on the English Channel and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Known as the “Venice of the North”, Bruges is full of beautiful canals and was once upon a time considered to be the word’s “chief commercial city.” This is our first time outside of the English speaking world as a family, first French as we venture through Brussels and then Dutch in Bruges.